Projection de films d'Histoires de vie Montréal à Londres (Angleterre)

Les films "Que je vive en paix" de Paul Tom et "Life in the Open Prison" de l'école secondaire St.Georges seront projetés au Centre for the Study of Human Rights the la London School of Economics.

"Que je vive en paix (May I live in peace) (4 minutes 33 seconds) is an animated film in which the voices of victims of genocide are heard behind a father’s explanation of his need to acknowledge his own experience and share his memories.The young Cambodian director Paul Tom is a member of the Montreal Life stories project, in Quebec. His piece has received the prize for best animated film at the Montreal Film Festival in 2010.

Life in the Open Prison (33 minutes) is a documentary produced by high school students from Montreal, Quebec. Using life story interviews to understand more about the Cambodian genocide, the film explores what it takes to overcome extreme circumstances. Survivors describe their experiences and illustrate not only the impacts of war, but the resilience of the human spirit.

This screening is is run to coincide with the exhibition,
'Cambodia: Reflections of the Khmer Rouge'."

Merci à Vanaka Chhem-Kieth grâce à qui nos travaux sont diffusés de l'autre côté de l'Atlantique!