Full Exposure 2009 Photography Book by Gracia Jalea

Full Exposure 2009 is a participatory photography project for high school students from differing socio-economic backgrounds. It was developped by Gracia Jalea, a graduate student at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec as part of her Master's thesis project.

This project will seek to examine the ways in which the class cultural values of society's ruling elite are consistently privileged in the secondary school system which often encourages students from less-privileged socio-econimic backgrounds to supress their class identities and experiences.

"Inspired by visual pedagogy and PhotoVoice's guding principles, I have developed a participatory action research project prototype that seeks to uncover whether photography can be used as an instigator for discussion on class differences in the classroom. My project will seek to provide high school students with the chance to learn digital photography skills that will enable them to express their class identities while also allowing them to consider, critique and discuss the impact that dominant class cultural values and ideologies have had on their education. In addition, as per PhotoVoice, my project gives participants to learn a new and potentially valuable skill." - Gracia Jalea

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