Literature Review on Genocide Pedagogies and Curricula: 1980 - Present

Prepared by Liz Airton for the Life Stories in Education Working Group
The text below is taken from the document's introduction:

"Although there are hundreds of sources on education and genocide, there is no one ‘body of literature’ on genocide pedagogies and curricula insofar as a ‘body’ of literature comes from a broad network of scholars who cite and build on each other's work. There is copious literature on how to adapt particular pedagogical techniques (e.g. simulations, reader-response, etc.) to teaching about one genocide or another genocide, but usually from the vantage of political science, sociology or high school social studies (i.e., one particular curriculum) and not studies in genocide pedagogies/curricula (with a notable exception being the work of Samuel Totten – see below). As expected, this review is overwhelmingly (+/- 70%) constituted by literature on Holocaust pedagogies/curricula; the degree to which pedagogical/curricular suggestions can be extracted from this corpus for teaching on other genocides varies greatly depending on the degree of historical specificity characteristic of a particular source. Most of the scholarly work in print (i.e., books, journal articles, etc.) that applies to genocide is directly focused on the Holocaust whereas curriculum guides (print and online) as well as online sources are more diverse with respect to their foci. Therefore, the Scholarly Sources section is far less diverse than is the Curricular Resources section."

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