"Nous Sommes Ici" Centre d'histoire de Montreal launch

Live from the Centre d'histoire de Montreal, on the evening of March 8, a bilingual radio broadcast, of the launch of the "Nous Sommes Ici" exhibit, by Montreal Life Stories, as aired on CKUT 90.3 FM, and hosted by Witnise Estimable, Neal Santamaria and Isabelle Godefroy. You will hear speeches by Andre Gauvreau, Eve-Lyne Cayouette Ashby, Gracia Jalea, Ry Duong, Lisa Ndejuru and Genevieve Channaret. In the second half of the program, short interviews with lead project researcher Steve High, with Liz Miller and Leontine Umubweyi from the Refugee Youth Working Group, with Liselotte Ivry, who granted her life story to the Holocaust Working Group and has been testifying to young people since 1984, and with Davith Bolin, one of the main interviewers of the Cambodian Working Group.