Radio Works!

Radio Works! produit de courtes entrevues avec des individus travaillant sur des projets en lien avec la mémoire, l’histoire, l’identité et les histoires de vie. Les entrevues suivantes ne sont pas elles-mêmes des histoires de vie, de guerre, de génocide ou de violations des droits de la personne, mais plutôt, des conversations avec des gens qui réfléchissent et travaillent sur des thématiques reliées.

Radio Works ! est diffusé le premier vendredi de chaque mois, sur les ondes de Radio CKUT 90.3 FM à 7h29 du matin sur l’émission Friday Morning After. Vous trouverez les entrevues en ligne, ici, quelques semaines après leur diffusion radiophonique.

TimeTraveller™ by Skawennati

TimeTraveller™ tells the story of Hunter, a Mohawk living in 2121, who uses his Edutainment system -- his TimeTraveller™ -- to find out more about his history. Here is an interview with its creator, Skawennati, a Mohawk artist, independent curator and co-director of AbTec (Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace) a network of artists, academics and technologists investigating, creating and critiquing Aboriginal virtual environments. Skawennati showed four episodes of TimeTraveller™ at Concordia's FOFA gallery this past April 2011 as part of the [in-tur-pri-tey-shunz] exhibition. In this interview, she explains how she wrote these stories of history revisionism and tells us how the idea for TimeTraveller™ was born. The music heard is Dark Water by Montreal-based Native hip hop artist Daybi.The image is a production still, from the machinima series TimeTraveller™. This interview was broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on June 17.

My Little Voice Can't Lie

My Little Voice Can’t Lie is the title of a silent moment performance by Montreal-based Kurdish artist Khadija Baker. It was a part of an exhibit entitled [in-tur-pri-tey-shunz], showing at Concordia's FOFA gallery, until April 29. In this conversation, Khadija talks about how she came to perform the piece, in which the public can listen to her story through her hair. The music heard at the end of the interview is a flamenco-inspired Kurdish piece of music, entitled Biranin (“remembering” in Kurdish) by artist Gani Mirzo. This interview was broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on April 22. For more information about Khadija Baker see

17th commemoration of the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda

A special French-language edition of Off the Hour: Long Term Memory Radio on the 17th commemoration of the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. Interviews with members of PAGE-Rwanda and the Life Stories Montreal Rwanda Working Group, produced by Sandra and Stéphanie Gasana, with collaboration from Courtney Kirkby. Special thanks to The Avalanche, radio made for and about people with disabilities, for co-hosting and providing technical support. Broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on April 20.

It Is Only Sound That Remains

Excerpts from conversations with artists Shahrzad Arshadi, Moe Clark and Caroline Kunzle about their sound theatre performance project, It Is Only Sound That Remains, playing at Concordia University on April 12. Using sound, the performance tells the story of Shahrzad Arshadi coming into contact with the life story of an exceptional woman, Iranian-Montrealer and photo journalist, Ziba Kazemi, after she died at the hands of Iranian authorities. Broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM radio on April 8.

L'importance de l'histoire orale et le retour de Duvalier en Haïti

Witnise Estimable, membre du groupe de travail Haïti pour le projet Histoires de vie Montréal, nous parle de l'importance de l'histoire orale dans le contexte du retour de Duvalier en Haïti. Diffusé le 7 avril sur les ondes de CKUT 90.3 FM.

Using Objects of Intolerance to Teach Tolerance

An interview with Dr.David Pilgrim, founding director of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia in Big Rapids Michigan about the genesis of his 9,000 piece collection of racist artifacts. He was interviewed by Monica Eileen Patterson, post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Ethnographic Research in the Aftermath of Violence. Dr. Pilgrim was recently invited by CEREV to speak in their Current Issues in Museums, Heritage and Public Cultural Work series. This interview was broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on March 28.

Singer-songwriter AliSepu tells his story

Local Chilean-Montrealer singer/songwriter AliSepu shares excerpts from his life story interview, in which he discusses a return to his roots and the discovery that he doesn’t completely fit in. Interspersed is original music from local artists of different backgrounds (Haiti, Chile, Argentina, Algeria and France), sketches for the songs for his next album. As part of Life Stories Montreal's "Sharing Authority" collaborative ethic, Ali edited the piece himself. It was broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on March 14.

Testimonies on the Power of Radio

In this montage, we hear from Concordia history professor and MIGS (Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies) director, Dr. Frank Chalk, artist Shahrzad Arshadi, community organizer Marie-Francoise Sitnam, and historian Kathryn Harvey, about how radio compels them. A collection of voices and excerpts from previous Radio Works! broadcasts celebrating the power of radio. Broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on February 28.

Voices Beyond Walls

Dr. Julie Norman speaks to us about a participatory media project for Palestinian youth using photo and video, taking place every summer in the West Bank. You can find out more about this project by going to Voices Beyond Wall's website as well as their youtube channel. Dr. Julie Norman is a political science professor at Concordia University, author of The Second Palestinian Intifada: Civil Resistance, and co-editor of the forthcoming book, Nonviolence in the Second Intifada: Activism and Advocacy. Broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM on February 14.

Music and Memory

As was asked at the top of the program: "What do you get when you gather a Rwandan, a Congolese, a Palestinian, a St. Lucian and a Zimbabwean?" Great, funky radio, that's what! Marie-Françoise, Stephanie, Rania, Bylow and Ayanda learnt as many aspects of radio productions and produced a two hour broadcast on music and memory, featuring 4 distinct radio pieces, ranging from story to poetry to political commentary. All this, mixed in with world music and lively discussion about the personal significance of the songs they chose. Broadcast on the afternoon of August 21, this summer radio project was a collaboration between Life Stories Montreal and CKUT Radio, and between the Experiences of Refugee Youth working group and Radio Works!

Special thanks to Liz Miller, Gracia Jalea, Parker Mah, Courtney Kirkby and Kaitlin Prest for their support and collaboration. For more pictures of the workshop, see the photo gallery