The Bridge: Toward Relational Aesthetic Inquiry in the Montreal Life Stories Project

Written by
Nisha Sajnani, Warren Linds, Lisa Ndejuru, Alan Wong, and
Members of the Living Histories Ensemble

This is the story of the Bridge, an original interactive theatre form that brings audiences
and actors into a dialogical relationship marked by the principle of ‘‘shared authority’’
(Frisch xx) and relational aesthetic inquiry (Springgay, Irwin, and Kind). This form
emerged from the reflective practice of our troupe, the Living Histories Ensemble
(LHE)1, a socially-engaged improvisational theatre collective exploring the intersections
of oral history, performance, trauma, and emergent inquiry within a Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-funded project titled Life Stories of Montrealers Displaced
by War, Genocide, and Human Rights Violations.

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